Episode 77.0 Just Another Day


S5-E13 Just Another Day – The Series Finale

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Join Skip and Vickie as they discuss S5-E13, Just Another Day

“Wormholes cause trouble on moving day. Or is moving day causing trouble with wormholes? While Jack tries to fix the wormholes Fargo is determined to something about moving day..”

If you are a first time watcher, we suggest that you watch the episode BEFORE listening to this pod cast.

Links to guests and other items discussed in this episode:

What ever happened to Spencer Martin? No one seems to know:

Spencer Martin:

Spencer Martin was an assistant at Henry’s Garage and a friend of Douglas Fargo. He hosted a weekly movie night at his trailer – an event attended by Fargo, Vincent, and Taggart. His multimedia setup was sophisticated enough to intercept digital broadcasts of first-run movies and powerful enough to generate multiple noise complaints


Frasier: Niles – A humming bird:


Friends producer reveals the “huge mistake” that Joey spin-off made:

Friends was a smash-hit sitcom in its day and remains beloved by fans across the world 14 years after it ended. The spin-off series Joey? Less so.

Grant Imahara – Myth Busters:

Electronics wizard Grant Imahara has been behind the scenes of many top Hollywood films for years. An expert at animatronics, his skills were used extensively at George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, where his talent was demonstrated on various features including The Matrix sequels…

Yes, “Gruntled” IS a word. Who knew?



Doctor Who Christmas Specials

The Christmas Special was a yearly tradition of Doctor Who between 2005’s The Christmas Invasion and 2017’s Twice Upon a Time. Every 25th December since the series was revived by BBC Wales, a special was aired on BBC One.


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