Episode 63.0 One Giant Leap

  S4-20 One Giant Leap (To Listen, visit the links at the bottom of this page) Dud Gramley and Vickie discuss Season 4, Episode 20 – One Giant Leap “Hours before the launch of the Titan mission Eureka struggles with black holes and, having decided who will stay and who will go, goodbyes..” If you … Continue reading Episode 63.0 One Giant Leap

Episode 62.0 One Small Step

S4-E19  One Small Step (To Listen, visit the links at the end of this post) Please join Doug, who is filling in for Kym and Vickie as they discuss discuss Season 4, Episode 19, One Small Step. “Grace embraces an honor that strains her relationship with Henry while Deputy Andy becomes an accidental guinea pig … Continue reading Episode 62.0 One Small Step