Episode 74.0 The Honeymooners

S5-E10 The Honeymooners

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Join Skip and Vickie as they discuss S5-E10, The Honeymooners

“Jack’s idea of a romantic honeymoon doesn’t quite mesh with Allison’s. Holly tries on her new body. Jo and Andy followup on an investigation begun by Jack’s predecessor..”

If you are a first time watcher, we suggest that you watch the episode BEFORE listening to this pod cast.

Links to guests and other items discussed in this episode:

No new cast of guest stars in this episode

Be Home Before The Street Lights Come On:

My Friend, My Favorite Family and Her “Poppy” #1000Speak (from 2015)

My friend Alison and I met in elementary school. We became fast friends and remain friends to this day. I loved everything about her, including her family. I spent so much time there, I’m sure they were afraid I would never go home. Especially in the summer. In the summertime there was more time to get there and home (it was a hike) because it stayed light out longer and the rule of “getting home before the streetlights came on” was not as impossible to adhere to. (Seriously…. how does one know when the streetlights are going to go on until they are on?)

Fringe and Massive Dynamic:

Massive Dynamic was founded after the partnership between William Bell and Walter Bishop was ended by an incident in their Harvard Laboratory, which resulted in the death of one of their assistants. While Bishop was sent to a mental institution, Bell went on to form Massive Dynamic.

Answer from Jaimie Paglia re: Henry, Grace and Senator Wen:






Title Take Off: The Honeymooners Television Series

The Honeymooners is a classic American television sitcom created by and starring Jackie Gleason, based on a recurring comedy sketch of the same name that had been part of his variety show. It followed the day to day life of New York City bus driver Ralph Kramden (Gleason), his wife Alice (Audrey Meadows), and his best friend Ed Norton (Art Carney) as they get involved with various scenarios in their day to day living. Most episodes revolved around Ralph’s poor choices in absurd dilemmas which frequently showed his quick-to-judge attitude in a comedic tone, but also revolved around more serious issues such as women’s rights and social impressions.


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