Episode 0.0 We’re starting over – from the beginning #Eureka

Episode 0.0

That can't be good - Eureka PodCast

S1-E0 – Welcome/Into

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Hello and welcome to “Yeah, THAT Can’t be good” a website hosting a re-watch pod cast of the SyFy Channel’s original series Eureka. Eureka aired from July 2006 through July 2012 and holds the record for the longest running original series on the SyFy Channel.

Our regular but revolving panel will begin the re-watch very shortly.

For you first time watchers, we will try to make this podcast as “spoiler free” as possible to the rest of the series, so feel free to watch along with us.

Already breaking my spoiler free rule, I do want to say that Eureka does contain an element of autism and although this podcast is not a podcast about autism, the subject will be discussed when it comes up.

I am hoping to have my own autistic son, DC participate once in a while on some level. He loves the Christmas episodes so be sure to listen for him there.

A footnote regarding the possible use of the word autistic so we do not have to explain it each time it might come up –

“Autistic” vs. “with Autism”:

I understand that many of us have been taught to use person first language but there is a growing number of autistics that prefer to be identified AS autistic.

A quote from: ASAN – Autistic Self Advocacy Network

“In the autism community, many self-advocates and their allies prefer terminology such as “Autistic,” “Autistic person,” or “Autistic individual” because we understand autism as an inherent part of an individual’s identity”


We will be up and running soon so you can follow this page for notifications of new episodes or you can find us on Facebook at Yeah, THAT Can’t Be Good – https://www.facebook.com/EurekaReWatch/

or on Twitter at @Eurekarewatch

Please come back soon!

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