Episode 6.0 – Dr. Nobel


S1-E6 Dr. Nobel

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Vickie and co-host, Kym discuss Season 1, Episode 6 – Dr. Nobel

“After Fargo triggers a device from the Cold War era, the race is on to shut it off before it starts a world war, but the only solution may lie in the depths of a demented scientist’s mind.”

If you are a first time watcher, we suggest that you watch the episode BEFORE listening to this pod cast.

Links to items discussed in this episode:

Donna White – Eugenia:

Donna White is an actress who plays Eugenia on Eureka. She has appeared on a number of TV shows over the past three decades (having come to the screen later than most), including The L Word, MacGyver and Stargate SG-1, as well as TV movies like The Pastor’s Wife.

Antony Holland – Dr. Thatcher:

Antony Holland CM (28 March 1920 – 29 July 2015) was an English actor, playwright and theatre director who until his death in 2015 lived on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada

Mirrors of the Moon:

 Ringed by footprints, sitting in the moondust, lies a 2-foot wide panel studded with 100 mirrors pointing at Earth: the “lunar laser ranging retroreflector array.” Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong put it there on July 21, 1969, about an hour before the end of their final moonwalk. Thirty-five years later, it’s the only Apollo science experiment still running.

Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction: 


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