Episode 57.0 Up In The Air


S4-14 Up In The Air

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Dud Gramley and Vickie discuss Season 4, Episode 14 – Up In The Air

“Carter must solve an only-in-Eureka bank robbery before the town floats away, while Allison deals with unsettling episodes of lost time.”

If you are a first time watcher, we suggest that you watch the episode BEFORE listening to this pod cast.

Links to guest stars and other items discussed in this episode:

Darren Dolynski as Dr. Boyle:

Darren Dolynski is an actor, known for Godzilla (2014), TRON: Legacy (2010) and The Age of Adaline (2015)

Felony Convictions and Employment:

Prohibited Professions: Convicted felons are prohibited from working in certain industries on either the federal and/or state level. Commonly prohibited industries are banking, insurance, health care and real estate. Lawyers, teachers, psychologists and other professions that require a license are also off limits if you were convicted of a felony. Convictions on the federal and state level can be pardoned by the president or governor, respectively. Pardons can negate the conviction, prison term and/or consequences stemming from the conviction, such as limited employment opportunities.

Can Felons Vote? It depends on the State:

It is up to states — not the federal government — to say whether convicted felons can vote, and which ones, and when. So the rules for convicted criminals can change, sometimes drastically, from one state to the next


Starship Troopers:


Last night’s episode of Eureka, Up In The Air, has my favorite moment of the entire season in it. I don’t think it played as clearly in the edit as it read in the script, but it’s when Carter gets so incredibly excited for a traditional bank robbery investigation, and then finds out from Andy that the bank was, literally, robbed. As in: it isn’t there any more. When I read that in the script, I laughed so hard, I peed a little. In fact, I just had to go ahead and put on an adult diaper for the rest of the episode, because Colin’s physical comedy was so perfect.


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